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I Shot You Down (feat. Eske)

by BKnitts

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Verse 1 (BKnitts) :

Okay, I'm locked up in a quiet room. My breathing filling solitude
If it helps I'll delve into myself so I can find the truth
If it doesn't, fuck it - I'mma find a spot up on the roof
And shoot a couple shooting stars all trying to hide behind the moon
Blast off. The count down is hurting them slowly
All my words are contradictive like a permanent moment
Looking in the broken mirror, the only worthy opponents
It's hella shattered, hella fractals, hella versions are showing
My thoughts jest reality is nothing but a concept
And spiritual freedom has fallen victim to contest
And certainty is something that we ain't allowed to find yet
But I'm never stopping searching, never giving up til I'm dead
Composing prose on flat lines until I flatline
Going through great lengths molding the wavelengths like damn tides
Never tripping off trippy thoughts from my back mind
While critics steady tripping off the shit that I said last time
The don dada killing lyrics off a palm pilot
Open up my mouth, stick out my tongue and drop a bomb off it
Wont admit that I'm the best around, but shit, I'm not not it
I know it's right to live a righteous life despite if God's watching
"Holier than thou, holier than thou
I know he's in the clouds and if you doubt it then I'm bound to say he'll
Throw you in the ground, throw you in the ground."
A wasted mind, the only thing you've opened is your mouth
You ever felt like you just threw away your one chance?
Well I have, it's first hand- you can't judge that
I don't tread lightly. I'm doing a sun dance on thumb tacks
Trying to start a conscious movement, understand I'm one man
Scoping every rapper in my path, y'all better run fast
Never left my spot up on the throne this ain't a comeback
Never struggle til I let the demons in my conscious out
They tried to knock me off until I cocked it back and shot em down


Verse 2 (Eske) :

It’s been a minute since this cynic’s felt like he was winning
Life handed me lemons that were way too damn acidic
Told me, keep my chin up, and that I’m my biggest critic
But I’m feeling like I’ve went and reached my limit
They say hard work pays off, I’m really starting to doubt that
Saying, just be patient, keep fighting, you’ll gain clout fast
A young professional who just wants to be successful
Letting things that’s stressful break his will until he’s outclassed
But…while on the road to future riches
The cost was too great, almost tossed his hopes and wishes
Concentrated focus on fitting in Daddy’s britches
Lost his own persona to ambition. But listen
Now, I won’t ever let that happen again
Been without it far too long, so like a fiend I begin
To feel these lyrics coming on, its crawling under my skin
Eske’s back where he belongs, with vengeance up in his grin
The melody is my yin, and this career is my yang
My only fear now is I’ll veer away from music and tank
Find my ego hanging from a noose, and work is to blame
Been submissing my brain, trying to diminish my flame
It’s all the same shit, different day. Spent my time being afraid
that Climbing up the ladder was the only way of getting paid
Uh, feeling like my spirit’s lacking
Cuz I strayed from giving into my passion for fucking rapping
Like what the hell happened? Man, I don’t even know
Think I let my concentration just get up and go
Losing focus, man I think I’ve reached my lowest
So I upped my daily doses of spitting, hitting this flow
Because I’m sick of all this tug of war bullshit
And if any crime was committed, I’m the culprit
Feeling like my soul fits, standing on this pulpit
So, try to take me down and you can bet you’ll get this full clip


released 05 May 2014



all rights reserved


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BKnitts Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BKnitts is an up-and-coming artist out of Milwaukee with a knack for real, smart lyrics. What started out as a joke among his friends soon became his biggest emotional outlet. His music has a local Milwaukee charm with lyrics that his audience can truly relate to. He works hard every single day to keep perfecting his flow and his self-described “intelligently hard” style. ... more

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