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by BKnitts




The highly anticipated 5th release from Milwaukee wordsmith, BKnitts, is finally here. WAVES is a journey through his consciousness, struggles and triumphs as a man, and overall versatility as an artist. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. WAVES.


released 01 January 2015



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Welcome To Waves (prod. Sango)
When you hear this noise, a wave is occurring.
Please, do not be alarmed.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
Track Name: Coolin' feat. CDS (prod. Prime Cut)
Now I'm cruising cruising
Driving on the highway when it's moonlit moonlit
Always hella wavy thought you knew this knew this
All I really care about is music music
And I ain't really got nothing to worry about
Instead of getting caught up I'm steady pumping these verses out.
So fuck that word of mouth, it's stupid stupid
Turn the instrumental up im coolin' coolin'

[Verse 1: BKnitts]
Lunar. Got the moonlight inside my eyes.
Cruising, on 94 doin 95.
Stupid. Moving, time decides if I survive.
While I drive riding through the waves, let me catch a vibe.
Coolin. Cullen calling, no ceiling falling
As chill as all them, this ain't no fabrication, I spit it honest.
Right out the written sonnet, words are flowing naturally.
Consciously unconscious boy I'm half awake and half asleep.
I been working avidly to make another masterpiece.
I got behind the wheel, put a beat on and found sanctity.
Reprieve. And there ain't no taking that from me.
You got better luck double bouncing Rick Ross on a trampoline.
Third eye don't need no GPS.
Just a pen pad and micro all to release stress.
Just these people and these words until we leave flesh.
That's word to the music fam, word to CDS.
Let's go.


[Verse 2: CDS]
Way up here in space alone
Of my kingdom on my throne
Absent when I'm in my zone
Focused on just being me I vow to never be a clone
This word synonymous with sanctuary
I use it
To live life through vocabulary with
Two lips
Through which my artistry blooms
From soil to moonlight, like from a beautiful tomb
You thinking bout the wrong things
If you only thinking bout the money
You chasing all the wrong things
If you only chasing after money
Waves of inspiration hit me when I close eyes
Pupils roll back, fixated on a beautiful mind
Sonic infiltration through the speaker shut up vibe
BKnitts, and I, have no mercy when we rhyme, no lie

Track Name: Awake (prod. GRiMM Doza)
Been awake a couple days.
Couldn't sleep cuz I was itching.
Hella caught up in the waves.
Lost track of my position.
Swallowed by the haze.
Now survival is the mission.
It's time to find my way.
Better choose it with conviction.

[Verse 1]
Another trashy sabbatical acid tabbing in Antigo
Jack hammering Anna Nicole while I'm crash landing a rally boat.
Asking damn why'd yall let Brad handle your valuables.
What a foolish mistake you hooligans ain't ready to be rudely awake, I'm cool either way.

[Verse 2]
Mr. Never Gave a Fuck just returned to slap you lehmens up.
With a range of punches and a parade of tongue twisters to get it raining blood.
Making love to the angels up from way above until they erupt
Which explains the rush I craving from this music that I just played for ya.

[Verse 3]
Heir to a throne that apparently hones a pair of the globes most scariest bone
Collecting demons ingesting heathens for the marrow they own.
Incoherently zoning out to the holy sound of fallen deities
And all it means to me is y'all can be at peace
Til they carry me home as a therapy prone pharaoh in stone therein he goes.

Track Name: Something (prod. Shlohmo)
Could have been something bigger than myself.
But I got selfish. I got selfish.
Didn't know I could offer up my help.
And now we're helpless. Now we're helpless.
Now I pray I can find a way to melt.
And spill my essence. Until I'm breathless.

[Verse 1]
Captured by my vices.
So enamored with the glamour of a fabricated vibrance.
I'm past the point of lapsing know my actions made it like this.
Now I'm adamant to black out, rather shadow it than fight it.
Don't ask me how my life is. I'm coping with a demon.
Nothing I can do but keep on flowing with the sequence.
Steady running crawling hiding praying hoping to release it.
Because every bit of light I had was broken into pieces.
Holdin on to reason. Though I'm losing my bounds.
The only human that I'm being is one stupid and proud.
I got my view in the clouds but still my shoes on the ground there's no more moving around so what excuse I got now?
And if there ain't an excuse, you can bet that I'mma make one.
Tampering the path I'm on, so blind to what my fate does.
Crumbling from pressure of my choices piling weight up.
Not too jaded with my maker guess I'll face them when that day comes.


[Verse 2]
Prisoner inside my own creation.
Trying to escape it through the microphone and pages.
Fighting with the thought that I could die alone and vacant.
My mind can only take so much now I have grown impatient.
Fly in hopes of breaking out this cage that I'm confined in.
No fault except my own for this situation I'm fighting.
I know if there's a lock then there's a key and Imma find it.
Gotta keep on crawling walking running reaching jumping climbing.
Keeping vices at a distance, I know just what it takes.
Advice that I live daily, you ain't broken cuz you break.
It's all about resilience keep on flowing through the waves.
Never waiver on this path keep on holding on to faith.
There ain't nowhere to escape, that's a blind assumption.
There's hope to start a new way if there's room for climbing jumping.
Reaching running walking crawling I won't fucking die for nothing.
I know I can't be everything, but I'm truly fine with something.

Track Name: For What It's Worth feat. Angelina (prod. JMSN)
[Verse 1: Angelina]
For what it's worth, I loved you until you forgot me.
You left me high and dry, your heart inside my eyes, though love is something you cant see.
It's in the open now, clearly broken down.
But my mistakes I've embodied.
And you can't say the same, so you just pray for change, but trust it's way too late for sorry.
A diamond in the rough I'mma remain. No tears up on my shoulders just some dust to brush away.
No no no contemplating whether not you bear the weight. This is just the bed you made. So its thusly where you'll lay.
I wish you the best on this path that you chose
Know when you turn your back that you're back on your own.
Theres no room to find solace no place to call home.
Only you chose this option now reap what you've sewn.

(For what it's worth...)

[Verse 2: BKnitts]
For what it's worth, bury me in flowers.
Lord knows I've made it this far cuz I've swallowed all of my words.
She meant the world to you now look at just how far that got her.
But she knows that you would do it all again to watch her prosper.
Dear love, I compose this note.
In hopes you'll remember to forget bout me whenever you're alone.
I pray you sleep with ease at night cuz recently I don't.
I'm busy haunted by my demons so much sleeping is a joke.
Even breathing ain't convenient with these secrets in my throat.
Now it's frequent that I'm feining for a reason to keep hope.
Lost in the madness often it's sadness why my heads so bothered.
Caught in a trap it's lost in the past tense, stuck here treading water.
My breaths are smaller, panic attacks, there's nothing worse than.
I'm fucking scared to die alone without an imprint on this earth just.
Goin through these waves, I'm hoping praying theres a way to surface.
Guess this the bed I made, another grave, I hope it's worth it.
Track Name: DROWNING feat. Banks (prod. Dave Glass)
[Verse 1]
You left me when I needed you most.
My mind and soul fallin apart, my body bleeding and broke.
Heart pounding til I felt the final beat in my throat.
Now when I'm lookin in the mirror all I see is a ghost.
Boo. I guess I'm the white Casper.
Oh, he's already white? Uh, fuck it- I write blacker.
I meant darker and deeper, I'm like Campbell.
Or Blackwood, or Lovecraft or even Edgar Allen.
So many references, definitely I'm back with.
A vengeance but what do you expect with a white rapper?
Just for a glance, or slight chance I might catch her.
I'm camped in a white van outside of her night classes.
For the venue tonight, dressed to the nines and quite dapper.
With a full black suit and type-hat like Mike Jackson.
With the white gloves, but they might color switch right after.
Time will only tell us what tonight might unravel.
Out early from class, it appears it's quite cancelled.
I lower my seat kind of how I lowered my standards.
I'm playing it cool, like an ice pack, there's
Only a minute left til I jump out and I grab her.


[Verse 2]
You really did a number on my mental.
So tonight I'm repaying the favor back to you, tenfold.
You notice I'm patiently waiting and begin to tremble.
But I'm quick to the draw, pulling the drawstrings, LETS GO.
Traffic swerving, zoom zooming like a Mazda ad.
Ain't got a plan but I'm a man and god, I've got a van.
Ah shit yeah, in the back's a monstrous can of noxious gas.
So quit the hollering or Imma send you off to la la land.
Stop the damn screaming bloody murder, quit bouncing too.
Bet your damn ass the vans padded and it's sounded proof.
From the front to back, and wall to wall and fuckin ground to roof.
Like a ghost in plain sight, there ain't no sense in shouting boo.
Two miles out, I got a deadline to meet.
You got one too. I'm bound to make a fuckin headline this eve.
You're bound too. By your hands, head, neck, thighs and feet.
Just lean in closer babe, I got a little question, do these
Rags smell like chloroform or fuckin enzymes and bleach?
As you slowly inhale, I slide you inside a sheet.
It's kind of rude of you, I thought you would have said bye at least.
Goodnight my dear little angel, you bet it's bed time my sweets.


[Verse 3]
We're pulling up at the desert location.
Where my utility toolkit is presently waiting.
The past is the past, and now the present is wasting.
So let's treat it like a gift, a special occasion.
I unwrap you from a sack in the back of the van.
You see a chance and you dash as fast as you can.
You're a speedy little bitch, a Labrador, damn.
You nearly made it out the door but I'm grabbin your hand.
Come on girl you know you ain't no fuckin Usain Bolt.
Quit making a scene now, this ain't no fuckin movie role.
Hold on to your seat the scene I'm bout to paint, though.
Is sure to make em say "WHOA" more than two rainbows.
I got a couple of knives and a satchel of tools.
That are rusted and kind of a hassle to move.
But I can't stop now, cuz when I plan, my planning goes through.
It's finally time for us to bury the hatchet, and you.

Track Name: Waiting So Long (prod. Sam Gellaitry)

Excuse me, pardon me little madam
But do you happen to recall me from the past tense?
Maybe it's a little fuzzy maybe overcast it's
Definitely possible it's buried in the labyrinth.
Of your mind, from what I remember it was vast, it
Had a thousand ways to tell me that I couldn't grasp it.
Funny how you didn't want me back then, and that flipped.
Now I own the web like a motherfucking arachnid.
This ain't a joke baby so why you laughing?
I know reality hurts worse than a knife stabbin
I'm all too fed up with the feelin, feelin I've been attacked with.
The dagger of love so jagged you up cut my back bitch.
Now I'm back with karma the assassin.
Here to fuck you up with a couple differing advents.
Adamant to battle and rattle ya with my wrath it's.
Only a matter of time that I shat on you with a rap diss.
Only eight bars left hope that I can manage
To get through a thought I've been painstakingly having.
I know you hope I won't but I'm fairly certain I can its
What I was bred for just like a double sandwich.
Corny as fuck but fuck it this is magic.
Sarcastic, funny, handsome, I'm a hat trick.
I know you been waiting so long to get some fucking action.
But I gotta tell you now that that is never gonna happen.
Track Name: Lucidity feat. Cinco (prod. Canis Major)
[Verse 1: Cinco]
I don't even know what the hell I'm rapping for
Maybe cuz I'm after your
Cape like you're a matador
Maybe that's a metaphor
All the things I'm chasing
All the nights I wasted
All the demons I'm facing
Screw the money
Fuck the fame
All this because, man I love "the game"
Never give less than 100 percent
Came in for art and I do it to vent
Craft like a poet, hope I don't blow it
If you don't know it, show how I flow this
Dopest Joseph, do hocus pocus while they throw me roses
Bouquets to soufflets, I'm too late
Touche what you say, a full plate
Gotta make way, and I can't play
Can't delay, no way, can't wait
No bullshit, end of discussion
I'm gonna get mine, won't leave with nothing
We are coming for the top spot, shit
Dream team bandits, me and BKnitts



[Verse 2: BKnitts]
Live in the flesh from the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Most of the time, got a load on my mind but I don't really quite know what to say.
But I'd rather be quiet, say nothing 'fore anything here gets spoken in vain.
Y'all take your pride and throw it away all for a little moment of fame.
What an erroneous shame, bogus and lame, living that life without a hope for change.
Y'all talk that shit but won't go to my face. Y'all act hard but we know that y'all ain't.
Take another chance, won't throw it to waste. Take another glance, I'm off the chain.
Take another tab, let it go to my brain. Then write another rap let it flow out the veins.
Open up the grave, close that casket. Honing my craft, no holding me back it's
Sort of like magic the way that I fabricate and paint a picture on the canvas, damnit.
I'm sort of like a Mozart. You're more closer to Rose-Art
My flow sharp, Fall back, leaf me alone you fucking blow hard.
Man all these corporate penguins sound the same to me it's no farce.
Now start moving like February's almost over- go March.
Right over all the foothills where the fields end and plateaus start.
To meet the highest peaks that you could reach within the Ozarks.
Track Name: Brain Waves feat. Sam Lang (prod. Stoned Zoo)
Let's jump up in it, I'm with the shits is you fucking with it?
I'm someone gifted like every track is another Christmas.
Not shoving disses I'd rather put out productive writtens.
Though now days my depression is ranking in the double digits.
Thanks to fucking critics, pushing me through every verse.
Imma push em right back when I snap it's like a deadly curse.
My ledgered words like beretta burst or machetes hurting now let's get to work.
I'm already irked so they better swerve. Ah, fuck em all though man they never learn.

[Sam Lang]
Look, BKnitts
They'll never learn
So the lesson never stops
Me and you get cropped
Outta pictures, but wait until they stop
And our passion doesn't
Ain't no lack in loving
My poems my artistry
And I don't care if you think I'm nothing
Cause really, it's too good to see
These words mean the whole world to me
They kept me
From blowing my brains all over this god damn upholstery,
Now I'm heading where I'm suppose to be, im up.

Up up in the clouds with my foot stuck to the ground
Fell in one love with the sound cause there's just nothing around
And if I ever come down you'll hear footsteps on a rooftop
Like a kick drum over kingdom steady just pumpin a boom box.
True talk from the soap box that you thought was boxed in.
But ooh naw that's so wrong this dude's noggins got sense.
So lochness he's too raw there's no doubt he's top ten
If you not on board with that screw off and hop ship.

[Sam Lang]
Look- Hop a ship- Or choke dick,
My only adversary,
an addiction to puffing Mary,
And reading outta my dictionary,
suggesting I'm a visionary,
Without working on goals,
Some call em imaginary,
Whose line is it,
Fuck it, I ain't Drew Carey,
But Imma get the last laugh
Used to chase that fast cash,
Now I'm past that,
But I ain't past rap,
Still having fun making music,
Matter a fact,
I'm better at it,
Now, when everybody,
Still rapping bout average,shit,
While nothing's ever happening,
But high school baby mama drama,
While my flow been getting smarter

The flow is getting smarter, fuck em too I spit it harder.
Where the hell this monster from? Wisconsin son, I'm mister martyr.
Bury me for tearing and ripping apart your simple charter.
Only getting started showing rappers how they missed the marker.
Written bars so loco they're smashing a damn Latina woman.
Rappers cramping my style in the background I can see em lookin.
Y'all are scared, I know cause half of the potential features wouldn't
Even hook a verse up, nervous that I would leave em crooked.
Fuck your confidence when I'm dropping shit like I bomb sewage.
The flow wavy so crazy now they on to em.
From the underground. Pardon me it's BKnitts.
Never started from the bottom I just harbor underneath it.
Part of me's a martyr and then part of me's a heathen.
Goin harder than a heart attack when arteries are seizing.

[Sam Lang]
Hold up--
My brain waves, Moving too quick
I gotta slow it down, Fuck it let's speed it up in this bitch
Took me 24 years, Just To follow these dreams
It seems, foolish, But it's lucid
And it beats, Working for others
For your minimal dollars
All these hours
A collar, round my neck
Working for money
But rather write for respect
So fuck whose next
I'd rather never get on
Just let me exist in the underground
Or write a good song
Let me live my life
writing poems that happen to rap
So let me tell y'all
How everything your dropping, been whack
Let me tell y'all, how the women
I love will never love me back,
and let me paint this picture
With every bar that I rap


Sam Lang...

Everything comes in Waves...
Track Name: Colder (prod. Jazzo)

[Verse 1]
The weathers getting colder. I'm only getting older.
Adding silver strands, I fill my glass and watch them tip it over.
Loath repeating bullshit that I landed off some kitsch diploma.
Third of what I've earned and all I learned was that the systems broken.
Sorry mom and pops it's hard to hear but now it's in the open.
Faded off while climbing and I missed my flip from kid to grown up.
Gotta get each written wrote in, wishful hoping kids will quote them.
Dreams are hanging by a thread my single goals to get exposure.
Not for self profit I promise I got bigger motives.
And an open minded attitude, my visions woken.
It's that Ponyboy flow the way I spit it golden.
Bringing spoken shit to motion off of scribbled prose in steno notebooks.
The liquids frozen, summertime it's dripping pouring, opposition isn't always something we should bicker over.
So just before you think I'm dreary and dim.
Do yourself a favor, listen to these lyrics again.


[Verse 2]
Let's flip it up.

The weathers getting older. And I'm just getting colder.
A bitter person, I could fall apart at any moment.
Stuck inside my thoughts I'm trying to function but I'm just imploding
Wondering how long it takes for y'all to give a shit or notice.
Sit at home just splitting o's and getting loaded piffing goza.
Liquid holy in the bowl it's only time it fills my throat up.
Locked myself away in hopes of grabbing on to inner solace.
Just to hold it, but I wound up drowning in a vicious ocean.
Fishes floating hope they get to knowing me through time.
The travels worth the battle though it's lonely on this line.
They all tell me they're concerned cuz I sound broken in my rhymes.
I guess that poetry aligns with what's flowing in your mind.
Goza toking know I'm smoking out the white beam.
Thoughts are right beside me, its me myself and visene.
Now I'm visualizing, how to lay that pipe dream.
That I had since 19, before I'm 25 yeesh.

Track Name: 7 Sins (prod. Kaytranada)

Bumping Kaytranada straight out of the studie monos.
Smooth erotic, Frank Sinatra baby do me proper.
I'm only human, this lonely music is food for thought, I
Got a lot of cravings, punani nana, punani nana.
Punani nana again I guess I got goonie wants, I
Guess that means they'll never die so whatever, like que sera, I
Also plan to live forever etch my name engraved in time, by
Virtue of this music shit, just press record I'll make it pop off.
You lames are not hot, swallow a lot of that filler trash it's.
Like a never ending ego feeding frenzy filthy habit.
Built to last and get my name a spot atop that Milly map it's
Hard when you're surrounded by a bunch of fuckin trendy halfwits.
You silly rabbit, chasin lettuce, such a vacant fetish.
80 breaths away from death let's make a bet- won't pay for heaven.
That man made thing that made man? What a strange investment.
We wage the present, wasting seconds on a paper presence.
Track Name: 2 Headed Monster feat. Eske (prod. Kaytranada)
This is not a PSA, I am not a Cyborg.
I am not equipped with a rocket launcher and five swords.
You are not a target of interest for my course.
Nobody is panicking, running and yelling, “My Lord!”

I don’t have a piranha inside of my gourd.
Trying to find another emcee to make a fine course.
Catch the young legend looking fly on his high horse.
Shining so bright, his aura might be an eyesore.

What a sight for sore eyes, they dreading us like court times.
Cuz your boy shine more bright than a storm light.
Crawling up in your mind, never doubt – of course I’m
The only rapper out to live the afterlife before life.

Well before this life, I had illest steeze.
Chilling in the womb, bringing doom with the slightest ease.
Take my scythe and bring a sinner begging to his knees.
Raised in Illinois, but your boy’s got a heart of cheese.

Couple Milli boys, making illi noise, YUP.
Here to bridge a motherfucking gap and fill the void, UP.
This ain’t a circus act, not a silly ploy, FUCK.
Anybody in our path bet we will destroy YA.

Sinking your destroyers, boy I’m bombing all your battleships.
Turning all these critics into nothing but my chattle, shit.
Stone cold stunner to the bottom of a gravel pit.
Think that you can stop me, go ahead and tattle bitch.

They can’t even handle this, joint is smoking like cannabis.
Holy token Hoboken, no holding the flowing champion.
Solely chosen for damaging lonely broken down activists.
It was only a matter of timing, I spat up the line and got my dap for it.

Giving props to my homies, and mooning all of the haters.
I’m serving these other rappers for dinner like I’m a waiter.
Catering to the masses. I pull my weight like a freightor.
So keep praying to your god, but know that I was his creator.

[Hook: BKnitts & Eske]
BKnitts and Eske, now that’s true legend roster.
When we both come together, it’s a two-headed monster.
BKnitts and Eske, now that’s true legend roster.
When we both come together, it’s a two-headed monster.
BKnitts and Eske, now that’s true legend roster.
When we both come together, it’s a two-headed monster.

Dropping doses while I’m rolling, I call that a road trip.
A roach in the fanny pack a xannie tab and then I’m floating.
Hold it better cancel that I’m gonna grab it back like oh shit.
I’d loathe it if they scrambled Brad like cataracts though yolk lens.

Put on these glasses, boy, and it’s pretty clear to see
That you’re so damn lucky, and I’m sure you would agree.
I’ve been spitting heavy writtens, til my competition flees.
Go ahead and get to stepping with those bars made of brie.

Back to the cheesy shit, more cash money than Weezy is.
BKnitts spit bomb noise more on point than a fucking needle tip.
Beatin' em all coy I Don boys on some Cheadle shit.
Leavin’ em leanin’ just like rhomboids on the Pisa tip.

We ain’t even peaked, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
So keep your double cups, I’ll double-up once your vice stirs.
Leaving em in slow-mo, make your ass pay the price, sir.
You’re slurring all your words, and now your vision’s been twice blurred.

Like Chrysler keep it three hunna no Chief Keef.
Bright divine verbal when I word it no cheap speak.
It’s the line murdering mind hurter you weak links.
All should try working my pipe gurgle the skeet skeet.

Well, stick to your jerking, you ain’t nothing but New Boyz.
Your image isn’t working, and this model’s a skewed ploy.
So come and catch the wave of this new movement of true noise.
Flexing on every track with this steady accrued poise.

Spew poison. My acts deadly, These tracks killer.
These dudes roidin’, all fat bellied on whack filler.
We just adlibbing. There’s nobody who raps iller.
Than the two boys, and it’s Matt Teske and Brad Knitter.

Just a pair of Lebowskis, couple dudes that abide.
Lacking rappers couldn’t hack it like we do if they tried.
Getting whacker every second, watch them swallow their pride.
While we ride off in the sunset just like Bonnie and Clyde.

Track Name: Holy Cow feat. Cinco (prod. XXYYXX)
[Verse 1: Cinco]
I don't need you (Uh)
But I want you (And)
Not gonna hunt you (Uh)
I'm gonna haunt you (Damn)
And, yeah, I'm drawn to (Uh)
What I cannot attain
And everything that I explain
Is just me spitting game
See, I am not like other people
Nosediving from the top of a steeple
I'm ducking and dodging the evil
But all of my attempts seem feeble
Thread that needle... Impossible
Hallucinate my obstacles
Success, it is improbable
Because they feed us all a lot of bull
And we eat it
Bite the hand that's feeding
We're bred to ask no reason
Til the day that we cease our breathing
So don't question, just believe it
You better break yourself from that mold right now
And we hold shit down with a bold-ass sound
Me and BKnitts style like holy cow (x3)

[Verse 2: BKnitts]
Holy cow, I'm hungry. Ate a burger out in Budapest
Hella turkey waiting out in Istanbul, I'm shooting West
Chuck a brain against the wall. It's pretty much the noodle test
My flows cold, dog - take some Sudafed, I'll do the rest
You can bet the dude is stressed
But never clutching to a bottle, there's
About a billion thoughts to bare, I'm witnessing you're not aware
You're victim to the plot of their... mind eaters...
This rap game is like solitaire mixed with minesweeper
I'll let that sink in
I could blow at any minute if I think and play my cards right
Banging like a carbine but treat it like a part time
Locked up on a dark night. Saving sonnets in my archive
Anthropomorphic like The Far Side
Another white rapper from the burbs? What a hard life
Every time I spit I sit back to watch the bar rise
It's mine
I'm from a city where it snows in the spring time
So I'm spending most of my days on the inside
Toe tapping to tracks tip toeing over thin ice
Then getting sucked under by depression like a riptide
Look behind his eyes. There's more than meets the retina
I'm a firm believer in believing in a zealot
I think it's wise to listen to the man that never says much
A child of the world there ain't no point in throwing sets up
Contemplating peep the plate upon my conscience
Floating in the ether - could have swore I was beyond it
Reaching out to thoughts quick. Speaking like I'm Gandhi
Wishing for connection to the people that surround me
I know the concepts strange
Just wanna help you believe
And if I can't make a change
Maybe there ain't room for me
Track Name: Sonic Love feat. CDS (prod. Paper Wolf)
[Verse 1: CDS]
Sipping on liquor
And thinking of you
I think I'mma lose it
High as a muhhh
Back to my old ways
Trying not to abuse it
Up in the stu acting so foolish
Cutting these hits
Wishing the beat was you so I just could lay you down
And show you the way that I do this
Sober thoughts are comin to life
So overdue on breaking the news on how I feel tonight
You up in my mind
Like every time
The sun wakes up to rise and when it hides
With the energy you provide
you're my light, light, light, light.

[Hook: CDS]
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be
Your energy, your energy, your energy
(Your light)

[Verse 2: BKnitts]
Let me deep in your brain.
I know you're feeling the piece that I say flowing free through your veins.
Give you light for your dark, give me reason to change.
Together we fly maybe we can escape
Flee to a place where the sound is our guidance.
A beacon with rays of a hue ultraviolet.
These feelings will save us no reason to fight it.
I fein what you crave I can see in your iris.
There ain't nothing to do now, everything's fate.
When I fall into you all my stresses erase.
This love is so sonic you make me vibrate.
Now I'm never alone cuz you illuminate your.
Light, light, light, light.

Track Name: Jon [Interlude] (prod. CassKidd)
I keep on having this muddled recurring dream where
I'm walking through a forest and it's nothing but serene there.
And he's there, right beside me and a brief conversation we share.
While the sun sets in the distance, on my skin I can feel the heat flare.
And my eyes are nearly blinded, but I find it in me to fight it and confide in
Him. And he's still as patient and kind as I remember from the last time since
We spoke in the back room of that place our paths collided.
"I think I'm more fucked up over the fact that we didn't get to say goodbye."
He responds "Everything we know occurs at the right place and time.
It's up to you to choose that view in your frame of mind."
Relieved, I exhale..."Hey, maybe you're right.
I can't thank you enough for believing in me.
It's easier to see now what I needed to be.
Too many late nights on this path alone pleading for peace.
Hoping you heard my voice begging for my demons to leave."
"I heard you and even though I wanted to help
I knew this was something you truly had to want for yourself."
"But you saw me at my worst when I was ready to quit.
That weight was piling on my shoulders, almost too heavy to lift."
"I knew you could bear it. Through using music you were strong."
"But why have faith in me when these are just some selfish songs?"
"Because this music is bigger than just you" he responds.
I ask "What exactly does that mean?" and then he's gone.
Track Name: Critic feat. Eske
God fucking damn it
Uhhhhh…FUCK (puking noise)
(pops soda tab)
Let’s see who we can fuck with today...

[Verse 1: BKnitts]
Today I woke up with some hatred on my conscience.
Probably just some leftovers from yesterday’s barrages.
Can I brush it off? Nah, that’d be crazy. That’d be nonsense.
I’ma post it on a song and hope creatives get responsive.
I love making making digs and throwing flags on the internet.
Twiddling my thumbs and fucking praying that my shit is read.
As I rub my gut and take a drag of this cigarette.
I’m barely getting started, sparking flames for your interest.
And honestly, I’d love to be outside,
Except the oxygen’s too pure, and all the sunlight hurts my eyes.
And everybody that I see is either confident or kind.
Man, that shit’s so fucking whack to me. Fuck it, back inside, uh.
Nappy-headed. Every night is like the weekend.
Drunk alone and writing with the slightest bit of pretense.
Scoping with the keyboard, wonder who my type gon’ reach next.
Trying to make a splash, send ‘em right off of the deep end.
Stopping dicks. I’m a Peter Parker when I’m on the web.
Bet I’m spidering and weaving hatred in these comment threads.
The common threat. Destroying anything expressive.
Especially if you’re proud of it, and I can tell you meant it.
(Clears throat, spits) Hocking loogies on your proudest moments.
Thumbing down that newest song and video you’re out promoting.
Words are ammunition, got my trigger fingers ‘bout to blow it.
Profoundly throwing all the heart and soul from out these poets.
No good motherfucker, cynical, and deep.
Got no work to call my own, can’t be critical of me.
Born from out the cauldron, parasitic with the creed.
I’m just tryna piss you off and make you miserable like me.
Fuck you.

Hey you piece of shit, give me that fucking microphone.
Get the fuck out of the way.

[Verse 2: Eske]
Welcome to the basement in my parent’s house. (Damn right)
It’s where I spend my days, wile venom spews from out my mouth.
Lurking on these forums, it’s so boring so I think I’ll spout
All this pent resentment out to fan the flame of your self doubt
No need to pout, little bitch, I’m just your average loser,
Boozing til I hate myself, projecting on a youtube user,
All up in your DMs and your head cuz I’m a tumor.
It’s amazing how crazy I get you just with my computer, hah.
Think you’re a trooper? Shit, well I’m the shooter.
And I’ll do it all to make sure you won’t ever have a future.
Cuz in high school, I was king, everybody loved my humor.
But really I’m just an asshole, a gifted artist abuser, uh.
So I’ll just continue with living in the past,
Making parody accounts, tryna tarnish all your craft.
Take you and your aspirations out like they were trash.
Steady bashing every passion that you had the nerve to flash.
There’s left but ash once your dreams go up in flames.
I’m a serial arsonist dumping ether on your brain.
And with the slightest spark, feelings blaze and cause you pain.
It won’t ever fucking stop til your will’s completely drained, uh.
Yo, but truthfully, the problem here is me.
When I look into the mirror, man, it’s pretty clear to see.
I’m so fucking insecure, feeling smaller than a pea.
And I hope my ego grows with every damn demeaning deed,
So feel free to take me head on if you ever want to dare.
If you’re arguing with logic, you’re already in my snare.
I’m out to kill your purpose, and nobody will be spared.
Making everybody hate me, but I’ve never really cared.
Track Name: Haterproof (prod. Esta)
[Unintelligible screaming]
[Fake laughter]
Yeah. Uh. BKnitts. Who tryna front on me now, huh?
[More fake laughter]
Uh. [again]

[Verse 1]
I'm on top of shit like maggots, dog.
Every single slot, I'm touching.
Flow white like rabies, dog.
Run away if you want, I'm coming.
Everything I want will come in,
Time. There ain't no thought in rushing.
So me dropping out of running is not a topic for discussion.
Still I'm fighting nerds on forums.
They're typing words so boring.
It's not my fault your brain can't comprehend the verse I'm forging.
It's not their fault that being dope and on the verge is foreign.
Like an Audi 5 on the Audubon going 99 I'mma leave it in first then floor it.

Check the scoreboard, I don't play to lose.
Word is bond, everything I say is truth.
I'm so fuckin underground that I'm made of roots.
You can't touch me now dog, I'm haterproof.

[Verse 2]
Please be reminded, BKnitts is on the come up.
Never ever not grinding, put in work sun down til sun up.
Talk all that shit you wanna. You're the reason I'm getting views.
And getting paid, you set the stage, decisions made, I pick and choose.
Like this beat right here. Your boy got dibs on it.
They ain't got shit on me. I guess I'll shit on them.
That's a no-brainer. Your boy drop bars like a broke container.
I'm a savage on a verse, that's a known disclaimer.
At eleven out of ten, I can't go insaner.


["You're gonna be a bad motherfucker"]

[Verse 3]
Back on my craft shit. Crash like a rain storm.
Back into packing immaculate raps into .wav form.
Mastering half of the tracks in the path of a brainstorm.
Making a rap for Atheist wacks, so pray for them.
The verse is done way before I even write it.
Posting lyrics in a status, fuck it I don't even like them.
Other rappers hella boring, fuck them that's what we decided.
All their fans are hella blind, fuck them all, we the sighted.
I need a Midas from how tired I be getting lately.
Feeling lazy is a phase in my decision making.
Renovating mental waves and innovating little crazy fickle ways to fill a brain with aiming of a different train.
Skip the small chat, I'm bigger and better.
Put any beat on loop and I'mma kill it forever.
I swear that I'mma kill with every venomous letter.
I told you I'mma kill it dog, I said it - etcetera.
Track Name: Never Been feat. Amerikas Addiction (prod. Stoned Zoo)
A legend in the making, that's something that you never been.
A real rapper, that's someone that you never been.
At the top, thats somewhere that you never been.
A fire starter, that's someone that you never been.

[Verse 1: BKnitts]
Never been a dipshit. I never been a halfwit.
I never been the punchline that's exactly why I'm laughing.
You never been an Alpha. Guess I never really planned this.
We never been on parallels, we never been on axis.
It's apparent that I never been, another blind American.
You never been awake to it so you never been aware of it.
Its obvious as fuck I ain't never been so arrogant.
But you never been acknowledged til right now and that's embarrassing.
Fuck it's kind of funny. Never been a dummy.
Never been scummy, bummy, never been concerned over women or money.
That's a motherfuckin fact and you ain't taking it back from me.
Never been gully. Never been a problem.
Never been unable to handle a little nonsense.
Never been the type to back down from a contest.
And I never been nothing but the king of the gauntlet. Watch this.
Ain't the evidence so evident?
Motherfuck it anyway I never been a never been.
I was steady beheading kids with the etiquette of a separatist whenever they were gettin a bit incredulous fuck it you can bet it bitch.
Yet it is another flex on a track.
Doubles and triples a fucking lesson in math.
But don't call me a student because I never been that.
Or I'm set to attack leaving your head on a plaque.


[Verse 2: Amerikas Addiction]
Never been a lame
Never been ashamed
Always rep that Gang
Throwing money while she Pop that thang
All my bars insane. Flying planes.
Pouring more champagne.
Spitting hella flames. In the game.
All u niggas lame. Muthafucka...
I'm just living life and recording
My baddest bitch she so gorgeous
No visa but she imported.
And her shoes cost me a mortgage.
Yall niggas never important.
Claim they balling, who scoring?
Heard they sleeping on us, who snoring?
All y'all side bitches all boring.
I be killing shit. Flashing lights.
Ambulance. Yellow tape.
My life. Motion picture.
Money shot. In her face.
Trill shit that I deal with.
They tripping like field trips.
Fresh prince like Will Smith.
Bruce Lee how I kick shit, now let's get it.
Track Name: Sriracha (prod. Jahlil Beats)

The flow hot like Sriracha.
Got a bite like a piranha, but I'm smoother than horchata. Voila.
I take my mamas like they make them bottles.
That bright top with a little bit of red and round right on the bottom.
You see a hottie then spot her.
Then I'mma eat her out like I be Dahmer. Abu Dhabi dropping bombers
Y'all are meek you're not in common. Not a league im not a god in.
Y'all are weak and probably crawling all around in doggie vomit.
Like doggie droppings I'm the shit and you are just a turd.
Understand, you undermine me I'mma put you under dirt.
Underestimated as a hobby now it's fucking work.
Hang them with a tie, body bag them with a button shirt.
And this ain't just a verse. This a work of art.
How you gonna judge my flow now if you ain't heard the start?
You are now at war with a monster out in the perfect dark.
In one hand is your head, in the other hand is the Purple Heart.
They thanking me for taking people like you off the planet.
Existence is a privilege, you gotta wanna have it.
Damnit. I'm on my flex zone game.
Beating y'all over and over like fucking techno bass.
It's that GTFO FOH.
Eating these rappers all savage grab me a second plate.
Asking Brad for that second chance but me said no thanks.
Cuz me demeanor no switching up and me breath no waste.
And me debt no paid, so me no play by rules.
I'm killing anybody getting in my way like you.
Now I stand above rapper blood in a waist-high pool.
Ready to make another splash, on this wave I cruise. WAVES.

Doing what I, doing doing what I gotta.
To leave behind, leave leave behind a saga.
Rolling imposters so you know my flow is hotter.
I spit it lava out the bottle like Sriracha.
Track Name: Outcast (prod. Sango)
[Verse 1]
Another dreary morning. Locked away these lyrics pouring.
Nothing out there is appealing to him so he's here recording.
Dear sweet lord he, lost his mind he's clearly morbid.
People cast him out cuz he thinks God is dead, and weird is normal.
It's that life of loner kids, just that type persona is.
Not affixed to fit within this system, I ain't controlling it.
Deep breaths. He'd rather fight than hold it in.
Targeted because they think he's weak, my condolences.
Laughing at em, they keep calling him an outcast.
Little do they know he's been about that. (ah yeah).
Your heart'll take a feeble mind to hell and shut it down fast.
His heart'll rise from ashes, fight them back and make this sound last.
He don't want the fame or money just the rapping tenure.
He just wants to make it out alive from rap in ten years.
Surrounded now by mobs of actors repping flashy vendors.
Who got the fans but lacking talent, that's what happens when you're.
Trapped in a system ass backwards as met sys
Somebody break these chains that are rendering us defenseless.
That chain around your neck ain't pure at all its leaving imprints.
If I don't break the chain I'll break the mold and hop the fences.

[Spoken Word Break]
They see him as different so they treat him as different.
But when commands get barked out wonder why he doesn't listen.
No belief in this system that squeezes it's victims.
Dry of any last drop of creative image.
We made it this way. Or he believes that we allow it.
Relating hype to glory and materials to prowess.
This generation is impatient hardly waiting like an ounce is.
So either vomit out that garbage or keep remaining soundless.
They found it easier to be a money hungry petty bore.
Recycled bars about turning up and overkilled metaphors.
We have a million choices yet this the shit we settle for?
He's packing way more than punches in his lines, you can bet it's war.
There's no rest for the wicked so quite often he's anxious.
Feeling stuck in this shell, this locked box that you gave him.
His only shot at freedom is somewhere off in these pages.
Just the lost soul, the outcast, this monster you made him.

[Verse 2]
Now he's got his family concerned.
Lacking sanity in verses they keep askin if he's hurt.
And it's hard to put an answer into words.
Cuz he knows that it depends on if his attitude inverts.
Up at one minute. Down the next.
Empty one bottle. Down the next.
Death by one chain. Round his neck.
Death by 2Chainz. Probably next.
This clouded head only finds a purpose when I write these verses.
My psyche's nervous for the future day when I'll be earnest.
These fucked up thoughts of mine just help to keep my fire burning.
But I keep learning they'll turn me to ash if I don't purge them.
It's hard to understand my passion is my vice.
One things for certain, I quit rapping, I quit life.
It's a battle every night, my stamina I sacrifice.
And even though it's killing me if I don't handle it I'll die.
If I don't handle it I'll die.
Self destructing fool, never grab my own advice.
But am I drowning? Or am I on the rise?
This is just another wave, take my hand and we'll survive.
Track Name: The Undertoe (prod. Frost)
Out living my life so now I'm barely in the booth.
But I'm always on my grind, yet I rarely ever move.
I'll never be satisfied that's the scary bitter truth.
That's the difference between awake or fucking arrogant like you.
Young American and stupid. That was me a couple years back.
Clouded was the vision didn't have a sight to clear path.
You hear that? That's the tone of clarity.
You basic rapping motherfuckers can't and won't compare to me.
Rap is open therapy, I try to find my center.
Steady working to get better while you idolize them figures.
Now I'm fighting for our lives cuz that's how I define a winner.
I am not a super hero Mr. 99 percenter.
My wallets fucking empty but that don't define my worth.
It's truly all about my actions and its all about my words.
I hope before I perish I leave positivity for earth.
And that's the reason that I do this, know it starts within me first.
Gotta be the change I wanna see.
Gotta leave behind a part of me.
Gotta break the chains that harbor me.
Gotta free myself with honesty.
Gotta wear my heart out on my sleeve.
Gotta walk the path that's hard to see.
Gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta pardon me.
I am just a robot with a genuine cause.
Synthetic veins and organs still I'm pumping out this hip hop.
Hella handy with the timing like a motherfucking wristwatch.
Never trying to flex up, or impress you- these are just thoughts.
So what you want? Someone to vomit rhyming wordy music?
Or someone to spit that real that got a purpose to it?
Track Name: Revelations feat. Kelsey Bulkin (prod. Sabzi)
[Verse 1: Kelsey Bulkin]
Don't worry bout my broken heart. Worry bout my broken heart.
Incense and bibles, I'm running down the crystal lakes.
My patience, on the pavements, pour my layment out in porcelate.
Crowd my thoughts with love. Don't worry bout my broken heart.
In my chest. Wearin my best, colors bleed out all the fragile parts.
You wanna fight the craze. I wanna rise to lift this weight.
Whatever price I pay, life folds better in the blue-ness of your poor bed.
Lie my forehead, let my sweetness right around your waist
and faultlines into gold mine where your blood shines cause the earth to quake
I'm seeing crazy revelations. I'm singing lazy incantations.
I'm seeing your face in my chalice. I'm singing your praise in my palace.

[Verse 2: BKnitts]
At first you were a stranger, then a confidant.
I can feel it movin backwards-youre an actor and you play the role so nonchalant
I'm not as strong it's been some timing since I fought my thoughts.
But I know its right to do this now if you and I should progress on.
I jot this song in hopes to dive in to my consciousness.
And walk on down a road exposed to silence while I'm wanderin.
Ponderin through thoughts about the person that I've grown to be.
Vocally noting every revelation through my poetry.
My sole wish is that you're alive and well.
I guess it's true you need to lose it all to find youself.
Whether we're fit to fit together I guess time will tell.
For the meantime you can find me deep inside my shell.
Levitate with every ledgered statement.
While these letters pacing through my brain just like it's second nature.
Transcending language like Rosetta's basic.
Accepting fate while revelations steady racing through my flesh in fragments.
For every breath I'm grateful.
Track Name: Live On (prod. Paper Wolf)
[Verse 1]
Storm cloud meadows over war ground ghettos.
Your crowned head over four thou debt owed.
Just a poor town fellow not a name to his dime.
Caught up in some trouble wrong place and time.
He would break his spine, just to break the trend.
But his fate decided that his reign would end.
They all came to collect with the will to destroy.
Put the blade to his neck just to fill up the void.
So shrill was the noise when he dropped to the ground.
Another heartbeat getting lost in the sound.
Off with his head, all for the crown.
But the debt that he owed them was not to be found.
So they left in the same damn fashion they came.
Another man burned turned to ash from the flame.
Full of malice and pain, the events lived on.
With the memory of a man that sadly did not.

When they bury me carry me to my birthplace.
So I can bear release merrily in the worst way.
And when my soul is done holding on to the flesh please.
Remember every word never forget the memory.

[Verse 2]
So he lives, on through the thought.
That with a pointless passing his progress is lost.
From the bottom they fought for the underground son.
Running a muck cuz never he gave the runaround once.
Live by the code keep the honor up sky high.
The exact same code that he died by.
The exact same cause that his life line.
Came to a halt in the thrall of the night time.
It's like light to the shape of a shadow.
It can change the arrangement or raze it from the tableau.
But it's never gone, it escapes from the gallows.
To live another day for the sacred and hallow.
And though the state of the grave is still shallow.
It's still a grave no painful aching will matter.
They build past it with passion love and candor.
The star didn't crash for them to feel shattered.

Track Name: Allie (prod. Shlohmo)
[Verse 1]
It's a slow start but it builds up.
Cuz your past life was a bit rough.
So nervous cuz it feels rushed.
But I soothe you with a silk touch.
And we're at home and it's just us.
You're timid from the distrust.
I assure you that it will come.
I'll work hard just to build love.
I see you and you see me.
I need you, you need me.
And I tell you to breathe easy.
And let each fear you got be free.
There's no doubt that she's weak.
And I just care so deeply.
All I want for her is relief.
It'll take time it'll be sweet.
I hope you know that I'mma treat you like a queen.
And when I hold you in my arms it goes way deeper than my sleeves.
And while we're layin down at night I watch you breathing while you sleep.
Cuz it's the most beautiful thing that I swear I've ever seen.


[Verse 2]
Your love is unconditional
I know that life without you would be nothin short of miserable.
Right now I'm missing her because she's deep in a procedure.
But when the doc calls me up I'll be speeding just to see her.
Without her I'd be wrecked.
Thoughts so clouded in my head.
Steady drowning outta breath.
So fuckin crowded by the stress.
You found me in the depths, and started pulling me to surface.
That day we met was fate I swear I'm positive I'm certain.
Without you I'd be burnin turn to ashes from the flame.
You give me all you got I'll give it back to you the same.
Girl it had to be this way I couldn't stand you in that pain.
I swear to dance within the rays we gotta manage with the rain.
I hope you know that I'mma treat you like a queen.
And when I hold you in my arms it goes way deeper than my sleeves.
And while we're layin down at night I watch you breathing while you sleep.
Cuz it's the most beautiful thing that I swear I've ever seen.

Track Name: Dreams (prod. CassKidd)
[Verse 1]
So used to feeling like I wasn't good enough.
Defeated no matter who I beat, or numbers that I'm putting up.
Putting up with bullshit just for putting up my music.
Putting down yours truly all for putting down a movement.
Moving mint condition thoughts so lucid when I'm drifting off.
I'm soon to grip a bigger plot, you're foolish if you miss the drop.
Uh. Now days I just shoot in hopes to tip the top.
Trying to evolve as a human before I kick the pot.
When I'm dead and gone remember me thru every song.
I hope that every ledgered psalm is truth enough to help you on.
And if that ain't the case I hope and pray you find that inner voice.
And everything I've said up to this moment helps to fill the void.
Build, destroy, evaluate and recollect then build again.
Humanity in cycles through my cypher trying to tilt the trend.
Spill and vent my struggles hoping someone finds the will to live.
By seeing everything that I put out somehow instilled in them.
I'm livin for the chance that I'll extend beyond my reach and
Have a presence antecedent to a legend with a meaning
I cant visualize the image of not seeing, I don't see it.
What's the reason of these dreams if I don't ever wish to reach them?
Start treating BKnitts like the Phoenix, he is next to rise.
Peep the mean demeanor me no mean to not ascend the sky.
There will be no Gemini. Like there will be no second guy.
And for the record, I don't dream these dreams just to let them die.

[Verse 2]
Manic depressive. Insomniatic tendencies.
Up til the crack of dawn I battle on and fight for energy.
Mentally, I know I need this outlet for my stress relief.
And Jon's the one that showed me just exactly what it meant to me.
Within each verse I drop is a piece of me that I'm letting go.
I vent in hopes of being better off instead of better known.
I vent in hopes my stresses go and demons leave my head alone.
That's all that ever mattered, give a fuck if I don't ever blow.
All I ever really needed was a way to fight.
Haunted from my past and thought my future was a slated plight.
Then I heard from kids bout how my music fucking saved their life.
Ain't nothing like hearing those fucking words to learn weight of mine.
Perspective. Bet I had a frame of mind flip.
When I write this, verse it's way more than another rhyme it's.
For those five kids that said without me they'd be lifeless.
I'm trying to keep it timeless, nod your head and fucking vibe with.