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Flaw Fi Freestyle (prod. WuFei)

by BKnitts



They be like BKnitts, tell me you gon kill it.
Fuck em if they don't feel it. Just tell me that you gon git it.
And if I ain't winnin, then it's prolly not the finish.
Detonate diminish demolish degrade da opposition.

What's it like sittin? Hmmmm. Fuck em I don't know.
The flow on point like a rhino nose.
I got the type of venom that'll make your vitals slow.
I just be spittin hella fire oh, bet that's that pyro flow.

And Imma die alone. Ha. Screw it all I'm a shithead.
Imma dimwit imma dipshit yet I'm still smarter than dipset.
If I'm bottom of your list bet there's a good chance that you misread.
Flip that motherfucker right side up instead you inbred.

Spit flexin on a fuckin Wu-fei beat.
Anyone hating on the style gonna lose they teeth.
It's that du Rey me, fa so la ti da.
I'm Stealing all these hearts just like its khali mar.

And imma pause right now so I can talk about some sad stuff.
This part is dedicated to my ex girl. That's done.
Slangin hella tang just like that chimp that worked for NASA.
But I never need rocket fuel if I ever wanna blast up.

Wack fucks beware. Yer boi done got the sniper scope.
I keep the rifle loaded with quite the dope set of rhymes and quotes.
The microphones a vessel of expression for my mind and soul.
The rest of my weapons are steady restin up inside my phone.

I got hope for the future but know history's on repeat.
My mindsets all that matters give a fuck bout how you treat me.
Give a fuck if you don't like I. Give a fuck if you don't need me.
Give a fuck about this wifi. Give a fuck about this 3G.

Give a fuck if you retweet me. Give a fuck if you unfollow me.
This is all inane. Like Hallmark holidays or halloween.
This is all impertinent, this is all a facade to me.
This all just exists because we think about it consciously.

I'm possibly the next up but more probably depressed cuz.
I know yall are sleepin on me, I know yall don't even recog-
Nize a fuckin artist when he's painting his impressions.
You'd rather pay attention to the media, it's senseless.


released 02 November 2014
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BKnitts Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BKnitts is an up-and-coming artist out of Milwaukee with a knack for real, smart lyrics. What started out as a joke among his friends soon became his biggest emotional outlet. His music has a local Milwaukee charm with lyrics that his audience can truly relate to. He works hard every single day to keep perfecting his flow and his self-described “intelligently hard” style. ... more

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